Four years ago, when my son Luc was about 9 months old, I took over a company called Stoel Sprookjes. As a first time mother I noticed how important it was to have a selection of good baby products to choose from and that I actually had a particular taste (though of course Luc had no say, haha).

After a while of being in the industry and learning about it I began to improve the quality of the products and update the designs. I also started designing new and necessary products needed for babies such as foot muffs, baby nests, Bumbo seat covers, and more.


I really wanted to provide something different and personal to new mothers and fathers and their babies, an that's when I started personalizing the products I was selling. And then I realized that the company had transformed quite a bit with my own personal touch.

That's when the idea came for a new name, something that would reflect the connection between mother and child.

It became Wallabiezzz, a representation of the warm bond that exists between mother and child in our cute little animal friend the wallaby. Where the baby always feels warm and safe in the mother's pouch. And where it always gets its rest…zzz